Getting started with VisualTime

When the application is first installed, the installation program creates and configures automatically a minimum of settings so an administrator can log in and complete the configuration according to your business needs.

Once the program has been installed, there is an initial site and a single location created by default.

There are two user profiles automatically created: Administrator and Public. The Administrator profile can not be deleted.
By default, the installation program creates two users: admin and guest.

Here is the suggested order of configuring the various modules:

1. Create and define the site(s).
2. Create and define the location(s).
3. Define the user profiles.
4. Configure the application global settings.
5. Define the user accounts and the authentication method.
6. Configure email templates.
7. Define and configure Resource types (optional).
8. Define and configure Activity types (optional).
9. Create and configure the resources.

Steps 1 to 8 are performed under the Management Console
Step 9 is performed under the Resources applet via the Administration panel.

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