How to configure the Google Calendar publishing feature in VisualTime

In order to enable your VisualTime deployment to publish selected events to a Google Calendar, you will need:
  1. An API key and secret obtained from Google's website to allow your VisualTime deployment to use the Google Calendar API.
  2. A Google Calendar account and password to allow VisualTime to publish events to that Google Calendar.
In order to obtain a Google Calendar API key please visit and follow the steps to enable the Google Calendar API.

  • Log with your Google Account of your choice (it does not have to be the same as the account used for the calendar publishing described above) and enable the API for Google Calendar.

Please note that the number of publishing requests you can issue to the Google Calendar Service via your VisualTime deployment is governed by the Google Terms of Service and is not controlled or measured by VisualTime in any way!
For more information on any potential limitations, charges, fees or technical details please refer the Google Terms of Service.

  • Once the Google Calandar API service is enabled you will ned to configure the API access and obtain a client ID.

  • Provide the necessary information as required:

  • Select Installed Application:

  • Make note of the Client ID and Client Secret generated by Google:

  • In VisualTime, log in to the Management Console and open the Setting Applet and select the General Tab. Scroll to the Google API Client ID, Google API Secret key and copy paste the information obtained from Google in the previous step.

  • Select the Change button next to the Publish activities on Google Calendar field.  You will be prompted to log in to the Google Calendar where the VisualTime activities will be published.

  • After the log in screen, you will be prompted to allow write access to this calendar via the VisualTime deployment using the API ID and secret provided in the previous steps.


  • After selecting Allow access, the information will be saved in VisualTime and you can close the Settings applet.

Your configuration of Google Calendar publishing for VisualTime is now complete!

To test the configuration take the following steps:
  • Log in to VisualTime and create a new Activity.
  • Select the Public option on the Activity applet and save the activity.
  • Browse the Google Calendar account and notice the event corresponding to the VisualTime activity you have just created.
In order to allow public viewing of your Google Calendar you will need to configure it via your Google Calendar account settings. For more information please refer to:

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