Booking and scheduling multiple resources with VisualTime

In order to schedule or book multiple resources (rooms), the main resource of the scheduled activity needs to be defined as a Primary resource.

This is how to configure a resource as a Primary resource:
  1. Log in to VisualTime with administrator rights.
  2. Under the Administration panel, select the Resources applet. 
  3. Select the desired resource.
  4. Check on the Primary Resource check box and Save the changes.
Resource Properties

When a primary resource is selected as the main resource in an activity (circled in rec in the picture below), other resources (called Additional resources) can be scheduled and added as part of that activity (circled in green in the picture below).

To add the desired resources, double click on their names or select the Schedule tab drag and drop them on the schedule tab.

  • You can filter the list of resources by type and features via the Filter button at the bottom of the Additional Resources applet.
  • If no additional resources are displayed, that means no Main Resource is selected or the Main Resource is not defined as Primary Resource.

Main resource acheduling

Once the additional resources are added to the activity, they are displayed in the Schedule tab.
To remove an additional resource from the schedule just select the resource name and press the Remove Selected button.

  • The activity window is displayed in the schedule tab in red or green depending on the scheduling conflict state of each resource.
  • Neighboring activities that are already scheduled for that period of time for a particular resource are displayed as a blue bar.
  • Note the number of Additional Resources and the number of Conflicting schedules displayed in the Summary area.

Scheduling of additional resources

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