Is it possible to display Staff Schedules on the calendar

At this time there are two options to achieve this:

A) Create each staff person as a resource. You can define email addresses for each resource and they can get notified when booked, etc. Time off will need to be booked as an activity and the staff will need to manage their own schedules, make sure it's up to date, etc.

B) Use Outlook or Google Calendars to manage staff schedules. In this case they will be responsible to manage all their own schedules and make sure it's up to date. Rosters containing Google Calendars or Outlook calendars can be displayed in Visualtime next to the resources, in the activity schedule tab, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of either option:

With option A you will need to create staff as resources and you potentially could have one single person manage their availability in VisualTime and if you book staff along with resources for an activity you will be notified and can prevent booking if conflicts are found (eg staff is off).

With option B you will have staff as Contacts in VisualTime and they will need to be trusted for maintaining their Outlook / Google Calendars up to date. If a conflict is detected while booking the Contacts, VisualTime will not prevent the booking to go through, however a visual conflict notification will be raised to the user.

Article ID: 2, Created On: 1/30/2012, Modified: 1/30/2012