How to define activity types in VisualTime

In VisualTime each activity, meeting, booking, schedule or reservation can be assigned to certain type or category.
Each activity type has a name (title), code and description. In addition to that, each activity type can be assigned a set of colors: a background color and font color. The background color is used to display the color of the rectangle block representing the activity in a calendar view, while the font color it's used to control the color of the text displayed on the respective block.

Having schedules divided into certain catgories (activity types) can help with categorizing these activities, quickly spotting an activity on a calendar based on it's color as well as including them in custom reports and other criteria.

In order to create or modify existing activity types in VisualTime, you need to open the Management Console and select the Activity Types applet.

See this note explaining how to access the Management Console.

Article ID: 23, Created On: 1/29/2013, Modified: 1/29/2013