VisualTime Google Calendar publishing

The Google Calendar Publishing feature allows publishing of selected activities from VisualTime into a Google Calendar of your choice.

The VisualTime system administrator should configure VisualTime to synchronize with the specified Google Calendar for this feature to work. 
By doing this, a VisualTime user can choose which activities to publish and what additional information will be published into the Google Calendar.

By default, only activities having the Approved status will be published.

In addition to the event title or activity name (Depending on the particular business requirements or habits of each organization, certain people may call the VisualTime activities bookings, reservations, events, meetings, appointments, schedules, calendars, etc.), the following information can be sent from VisualTime to the Google Calendar:
  • Icon and Color of the event displayed in Google Calendar. 
  • Location of the event that can be rendered via Google Maps. 
  • Event description from VisualTime Activity notes field.

Note: A Google/Gmail account and password is required for this purpose as well as a Google API key. For more details regarding this feature, please refer to this article:

Article ID: 24, Created On: 2/4/2013, Modified: 7/2/2013