Automatically adding preparation and clean-up time when booking a room or a resource

VisualTime offers the ability to automatically add preparation and clean-up time when booking a resource.

Each resource can have it's own preparation and clean-up time (also called shutdown time). These properties are configured by an administrator in the Resource Details applet when the resources are first defined in the system.

A system wide setting can enforce all the bookings to inherit the preparation and clean up time of the main resource when an activity is scheduled.

This is controlled in the Management Console -> Settings -> Activity form -> Editable preparation and shutdown times.

When Editable preparation and shutdown times is turned ON, the person submitting the booking can control the amount of time required for preparation and clean-up an a case by case basis depending on each individual activity. This is typically allowed in environments where the all the resources are similar and the booked activities are different requiring different treatment.

In environments where each resource requires specific amounts of time for preparation and clean-up, regardless of the requested activity, it's recommended that the Editable preparation and shutdown times is turned OFF.

The meeting invitations for the activity will be generated based upon the Requested Time but the room or the resource will be booked / reserved for a period of time which also includes the preparation/shutdown times.

Article ID: 27, Created On: 6/9/2013, Modified: 7/19/2013