Multiple resource and room booking

What is meaning of Primary Resource, Main Resource and Additional Resources when scheduling an activity?


The Main Resource is always required when scheduling an activity, booking a room, etc. It acts as a place holder and identifies with the main physical location, item or asset that is being booked or reserved. Only one Mian Resource can exist in an Activity.

The concept behind the Primary resource is that only Primary resources can be scheduled as a Main resource in a multi-resource Activity. In fact only Primary resources can act as physical place holders in an Activity.

Resources that are not defined as Primary can only participate as Additional Resources in an Activity.

An example would be a projector or equipment which is not set as Primary resource but where a conference room is. Scheduling an Activity with a conference room and the projector will enforce the conference room as the actual place where everything is being added to - equipment, participants, etc, and not the other way around. In the above example, if the projector would be defined as Primary, a user could mistakenly schedule an activity taking place in the projector, with no room but with 50 people invited to it.

Article ID: 3, Created On: 12/30/2011, Modified: 1/30/2012