How to load a new report into the VisualTime system

In order to load a new report into your VisualTime deployment, please follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to the VisualTime Management Console as admin or equivalent.
  2. Select the Reports applet icon. The list of existing reports is displayed.
  3. Select the Add button.
  4. Fill in the following information: Report Name - This is the name of the report as it will be displayed to the users in the list of available reports. Report Description - You can enter a description of the report. This is an optional field.
  5. Select the Select File button and browse for the file containing the report. (If you have received the report in an email or as a link you first need to save the file on your computer.)
  6. Select the Save button.
  7. Once the report is loaded it will be displayed in the list of reports.
  8. Run the report as a user in order to make sure there are no errors when the report is run and the data, formatting and layout are properly displayed on the report.

Article ID: 35, Created On: 8/15/2013, Modified: 8/15/2013