VisualTime fails to connect to the server


The VisualTime program fails to connect to the server or attempts to update itself and it fails.


Once connected to a server, the VisualTime program stores the connection information in configurationa file called VisualTimeSettings.vtxml located in the local workstation's TEMP folder. 

Each time the program is launched, it will try to read the connection information from that file and if found, it will attempt to connect to the server specified in the configuration file. If you have connected to the VisualTime public demo server or if you have changed the address of your VisualTime server, there is a good chance that the VisualTime client program will attempt to connect back to the original server.


To resolve this issue, follow the folowing steps:

  1. If running, close the VisualTime program on your workstation.
  2. In Windows Explorer, open the TEMP folder by typing the following command in the Windows Explorer navigation bar: %temp%
  3. Press the Enter key after typing in the above command.
  4. The TEMP folder should now be open in Windows Explorer.
  5. Delete the VisualTimeSettings.vtxml file.
  6. In INTERNET EXPLORER open the /visualtime page on the server you want to connect to. For a default installation of VisualTime this would be something like http://<your server name>/visualtime.  Note: Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 or 9 needs top be used. Note: Using Internet Explorer 10, Chrome, Firefox will not resolve the issue.
  7. Launch the visualtime.exe program on your workstation.
  8. If prompted, specify the proper URL in the connection box -s such as http://server/visualtime
  9. The program should now connect to the correct server.

Article ID: 36, Created On: 9/11/2013, Modified: 9/11/2013