How to report a database related issue to Visualtime

Starting with version 1.67.114, the VisualTime system offers the ability to submit database specific incident to Visualtime staff for review.

Please be aware that the data stored in your VisualTime system will be sent over the internet to Visualtime for investigation and Visualtime representatives will have access to the information stored in your database. 
Visualtime doesn't share customer information with any third party person or organization and does all the efforts to ensure information provided this way is kept secure.

If your data contains strictly confidential, highly sensitive information or if you do not wish this information to be visible to people outside your organization do not follow this process!

To report a database issue follow the steps below

  1. Open up your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox) and type in the address of your VisualTime server as follows:
  2. http://<your server name or address>/visualtime/support.aspx
  3. A support incident form will be displayed in your internet browser.
  4. Fill in the following fields:
  • Full name - your name or the name of the person reporting the incident
  • Email - your email address or the email address of the person reporting the incident
  • Message - a brief description of the issue being reported 
  • Admin password - the password of the admin user in your VisualTime system
  1. Press the Submit button.

Your VisualTime database will be uploaded. Depending o the amount of data, the process can take a few minutes. Once completed, the page will display a message informing a new ticket has been opened.

You will be notified by your Visualtime support representative once the fix is available. To apply the fix please follow the instructions on this article.

Article ID: 38, Created On: 10/2/2013, Modified: 1/21/2014