How to use use Favorites in VisualTime

The Favorites applet allows you to save and quickly retrieve a previously saved calendar 

Each user has the ability to create it’s own set of Favorites and access them by simply 
double clicking on the corresponding item on the Favorites list.

The concept it's similar to bookmarking a web page: once a web page is displayed in your browser you can then add it to the list of your favorites or bookmarks so next time when you want to visit the page you can just select it from the list instead of typing its address. The same in VisualTime, instead of repeatedly having to filter and group several resources based on specific criteria you can save the criteria once and then quickly access it from a list.

This can be very useful if you are dealing with a large number of resources or 
if you need to access multiple selections of resources with different selection 
criteria again and again.

Along with VisualTime resources, the Favorites can also save views containing 
calendars from your MS Outlook contacts or Google Calendars. 
To create a new favorite the following steps should be taken: 

  1. Customize the current calendar view by filtering the resources, view type and date (see below).
  2. In the Favorites applet enter a name for the Favorite you want to create (e.g. My Rooms)
  3. Indicate whether the Favorite should be set as the default calendar (set Default)
  4. Save the Favorite 

Once the new Favorite is created it will appear in the list of of Favorites. 

To load a Favorite list of resources just double click on the corresponding name in the Favorites list.

The following items can be saved when a Favorite is created:
- Current view type. For example, you can select the Day View to record this type of view in the Favorite you create.
- Resource filtering criteria as follows:
  • Site and location - Select your site and Location from the bottom right tab in Visual Explorer
  • Selected Date - Select the desired date in the Calendar Date Navigator. This criteria element is optional. It can be used to bookmark a particular event date that will be accessed repeatedly.
  • Resource types - In Visual Explorer select the resource type and features if you want to create a Favorite based on this criteria.
  • Availability criteria - In Visual Explorer select the availability criteria if you want to create a Favorite based on  available or unavailable times.
  • Current resources - You can remove individual resources from the cuurent view by right-clicking on the resource name (header) and select Remove resource. In this way the Favorite you are about to create will contain only the resources that are displayed when the Favorite is created.

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