Release notes for VisualTime update 1.72.130

Fixes and enhancements included in VisualTime update 1.72.130

NEW modules:
- VisualTime Web Scheduling Client
- Invoices and Billing. Allows to generate billing charges based on room bookings and activities in VisualTime and invoice customers.
- Simplified Resource and Room Booking Form. Allows to generate a web form so the public can submit room booking requests / activities directly into the system. An administrator can then approve or reject the requests. 

- Removed custom resource sorting in calendars. Resources are now always sorted alphabetically.
- The VisualTime SMTP Mailer Service has been re-written. Now the the service is called VisualTime Service.

- Included Activity Name, Activity Date, Activity Date in Approval / Confirmation emails.
- Allow a resource to be part of multiple groups.
- Multiple emails for resource.
- Added Support for SQL Server 2012.
- Alternate locations for activities.
- Remote database fix delivery (Directupdate).

- Various fixes.

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