VisualTime setup error while testing the ASPX extension


During the Verifying System Requirements screen, the VisualTime Server Installer displays an error on the "Testing the .ASPX  extension" step and the "Testing VisualTime service extension" step.


When activating the Details window the following information is displayed.

Error details:
Bad Request - Invalid Hostname
HTTP Error 400. The request hostname is invalid.

Troubleshooting help:
VisualTime Setup Error details:
The .ASPX web service extensions are not enabled on your server.
Ensure that ASP.NET is installed on your server and the .ASPX web service extensions are enabled on your IIS Server.

  1. In the IIS Manager Console open the Bindings property of the target web site where VisualTime is being installed.
  2. Select the entries displayed in the binding list and remove the host name value.
  3. Restart the selected website.
  4. In the VisualTime setup  program on the Verifying System Requirements screen select Previous, then while on the SQL Server Connection Details select Next.
  5. In the Verifying System Requirements screen all the tests should now display Success.
  6. Complete the VisualTime installation and verify the VisualTime client can connect to the newly created VisualTime server instance.
  7. In the IIS Manager Console open the Bindings property and restore the host name value for the previously altered binding entries.

Additional information:

If the target website is stopped, the Error details of the "Testing the .ASPX  extension" step will display the following information:
Number: 91
Description: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 

To resolve this error go to the IIS Manager Console and restart the selected website.

Article ID: 44, Created On: 2/25/2014, Modified: 2/25/2014