How to use the user's email address in the FROM field of the email notification messages

By default all the email notifications generated by the VisualTime system are being sent from a unique email address as defined in Mail From field under the Mailer tab in the Settings applet of the Management Console.

In order to send email notifications that have the email address of the user performing the action (such as scheduling a room, confirming a service request, etc) in the FROM field of the email message (instead of the unique email address defined under the Mailer tab), the option Use the user's email address for notifications should be checked under the General tab.

Once the setting is changed, the users will need to exit and restart the VisualTime client for the changes to take effect.

  • If the user's email addresses don't belong to to the internet domain of the SMTP server defined in the SMTP server field under the Mailer tab, the SMTP server may be end up being flagged as a spamming server and the email send via this server may be classified as SPAM by the various SPAM filters of the email clients.
  • The VisualTime version 1.73.132 or higher is required in order to be able to use this feature.

Article ID: 46, Created On: 7/27/2014, Modified: 7/27/2014