Time frame in the blackout period when scheduling an activity


When submitting an activity the following message is displayed:

The selected timeframe is in the blackout period. Please choose another date and time.


The lead time before the scheduled activity is too short.

The Blackout period is a setting defining the minimum interval between the current time and the selected time, after which an activity can no longer be created or modified. The value is expressed in number of minutes. 

This setting can be used to prevent users submitting last minute booking requests and should be configured according to the specific needs of your organization.

A value of 15 minutes would be most appropriate for general purpose room bookings. If specific services are requested with the booking then a larger amount of time may be required such as 60 or 90 minutes. 

The default value is set to 120 minutes.
For example: If the blackout period is set to 120 minutes, a user trying to schedule an activity starting at 6 PM can not create or modify this activity after 4 PM.
The Blackout period is an application wide setting  and can be modified in the Management Console -> Settings -> General.

You will need to close and restart the VisualTime client for this setting to take effect.

Article ID: 54, Created On: 2/10/2015, Modified: 2/12/2015