The visualtime.exe program stops unexpectedly or crashes upon start


Under certain conditions such as conflicts with other programs, antivirus software, etc, the VisualTime for Windows program can stop working unexpectedly.


This would indicate Windows has stopped the program for some reason but the cause it's not always clear or easy to identify as the causes may vary depending on the local Windows configuration.


A - Change the compatibility settings of the VisualTime program by taking the following steps:

On your computer desktop open the folder  where the program visualtime.exe is saved.
Select the visualtime.exe and right-click on it,  then chose Properties.
From the Compatibility tab select Windows Xp Service Pack 2.

Click Apply or Ok.
Launch the VisualTime for Windows program again.

If the issue persists you can try any of the other options available such as Windows 95 or  Windows Xp Service Pack , etc.

B - If there is anti-virus program running on your PC you may want to add an exception for the visualtime.exe program.

You may need to ask for assistance from IT support group to assist you with these changes.

Article ID: 59, Created On: 7/7/2017, Modified: 7/7/2017