Modifying passed bookings / activities


Is it possible to modify or make changes to activities or bookings that are occurring in the past?


In order to allow changes to activities that are occurring in the past the following conditions should be met:
  • The setting Allow Editing of past activities  should be enabled. This setting can be found under the Management Console -> Settings -> General.
  • The user making the changes should have the the Superuser flag enabled in the user's properties.

When the user tries opening an activity occurring in the past a warning message will be displayed notifying the activity has entered the blackout period and prompting the user if he or she still wants to proceed. If the user selects yes, the activity will open in read only mode.

In order make changes the user needs to click on the information bar at the top of the window.

  • No changes to the start date and time or duration can be done to an activity occurring in the past. 
  • This operation can only be performed via the VisualTime for Windows.

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Article ID: 62, Created On: 7/26/2017, Modified: 7/31/2017