Internet Explorer Browser being reported as unsupported

In VisualTime WebAccess the information bar at the top of the Internet Explorer window is displayed even if you are using a modern browser - eg. Internet Explorer 9.

This may happen if you are using the default setting in IE9 which puts the browser into compatibility mode and announcing itself as Internet Explorer 7 instead of Internet Explorer 9.

Follow the following steps in order to fix this:
  1. Open internet explorer.
  2. Click on Alt key on the keyboard. 
  3. Click on Tools in menu bar.
  4. Select Compatibility View Settings.
  5. Remove the check mark for "Display all websites in Compatibility View" and "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View".
  6. Close the Compatibility View Settings window.
  7. After refreshing the page the  incompatibility warning information bar should no longer be displayed.

Article ID: 7, Created On: 2/22/2012, Modified: 3/14/2012